Broomtail Craft Brewery | Sour Barn
Founded in 2014, Broomtail Craft Brewery is proud to deliver a diverse selection of quality craft beers to the beautiful state of North Carolina; we specialize in the Scientific Art and Artistic Science of brewing the best craft beer for your enjoyment.
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Opened on August 26th 2016. The Sour Barn is an extension of Broomtail Craft Brewery. The Sour Barn serves as our souring and barrel aging facility, where blends of our local yeasts and bacteria are put into action in crafting and creating our Sour Lineup.

The Specifics

The Tap Room

3,000 Square Foot Tap Room

12 Taps: Rotating Clean Beer & Sour Beer

32 oz Crowlers Available

• Huge Sour & Belgian Bottle Selection

• Wine & Kombucha Selection

• Dart Board, Corn Hole, & Giant Jenga

The Beer Garden

3,200 Square Foot Beer Garden

• Outdoor Stage & Gazebo

• Fire-pit & Outdoor Heaters

• Dog Friendly (on-leash please)

• Weekly Food Trucks & Live Music

• Private events available for booking

So what is a Sour Beer?

Sour beer is the oldest type of beer in history.

“Nearly all beer used to be at least somewhat sour before pasteurization and sterilization

was entirely understood.

Sours today are tart-tasting, and made with wild bacteria and yeasts, whereas more familiar beers are made in sterile environments with

specific yeast strains.”

How we do it

Brew Base, Add Bacteria / Yeast, Barrel Age

We start with a base beer that is brewed according to our recipe design.

The base beer is then either primarily fermented or re-fermented in wine barrels with chosen local or imported bacteria and/or yeasts to develop the specific unique flavor profile desired.

This process may require anywhere from 6 months to 3 years of aging.

What we use

The Infectious Process:

Broomtail Sours combine historical processes and ancient yeast/bacteria strains with herbs, bacteria, and wild yeasts harvested right here in New Hanover County to develop flavors and quality comparable to world class European beers, yet with unique tastes only possible through our local terroir.

  • Lactobacillus

    01 Type: Bacteria

    "Lacto" - A bacteria that acts similarly to a yeast in that it eats up sugars in wort, but rather than converting them to alcohol the sugars are converted to lactic acid.

  • Pediococcus

    02 Type: Bacteria

    A bacteria in the same family of lacto- takes a long aging time to initiate a dramatic lowering in the pH of the beer, responsible for creating 'funky' aromas and flavors

  • Brettanomyces

    03 Type: Wild Yeast

    "Brett" - An acid producing wild yeast genus which, in the presence of oxygen, can metabolize alcohol into the vinegary acidity known as acetic acid

Looking for our Broomtail beer selection? 

The Sour Barn Gallery

Have questions or comments? Contact Us!