About Broomtail

Born in a barn, literally! Back in 2004, Barry custom built our barn for our daughter and her horses. When she moved out to go to NC State (go Pack!) it became our ‘frankenbrewery’. We dreamed of opening our own brewery in the future.

We have been brewing for years. Actually, we brewed our first batch of beer from a kit back in the early 90’s with our friends Randy & Kim. We’ve been friends ever since and now they are our business partners and brewing sidekicks.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve made some of our favorite brews and took them to a few parties. Everyone loved our beer! Our neighbors had a big summer bash and asked for a keg of our beer. They also had two other kegs (another craft and and some yellow fizzy stuff). Our keg was the first to go and everyone kept asking for more. That was our sign.

Broomtail – our personal bucket list – was born.

Along with the love of great beer, there is a science and art to making great beer – one that we take very seriously. We look forward to sharing our passion for craft beer with you!

Skills Behind a Great Beer

  • Scientific Art ( 100% )
  • Artistic Science ( 100% )

Meet Broomtail Craft Brewery

Lisa Owings
Barry Owings
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Randy & Kim Shelton
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